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Zap Photography

It's MY party!

That was FUNNY!

Our photographer will take candid pictures of you and your guests throughout the event and present them on our video plasma displays. This is a fun and exciting feature, especially when guests see themselves unexpectedly on our video displays during dinner or desert. Candid photography also know as Zap photography is a great way to capture all the endearing, funny, classic and thrilling moments of your event. Our photographer’s will be there for the special moments without being seen and you can view them for years to come.

SHHHHH! Don't tell the groom

Caught! Everyone having fun

Nobody will even know we are there

You missed this dance, but we didn't

This is why you need OSE's ZAP photography

ZAPs capture endearing moments

You wouldn't believe it unless you saw it yourself

Now this is what they call "Candid"

May I have this dance?

I think the groom was singing "O sole mio!"

Nobody's watching, Let's Vogue

Nobody puts Baby in the corner!